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Reed's Ribs and More
BBQ, Deli, Special Events and Catering

Reed's Ribs and More would like to welcome you.

Reed's Ribs and More is pleased to be carrying on the
taste and tradition passed on from one generation to another.

Bill Reed has been cooking for family and friends for nearly three decades,
and with a little motivation from those family and friends, Bill has ventured out
into the field of special events and catering..

Even though it is widely called BBQ, Bill's meats are slow smoked using a
variety of woods which give the meat a distinct flavor and keep the meat
incredibly tender. Often times, the ribs fall right off the bones.

People often mistake smoked meat for being underdone because of the
pinkness of the meat itself, but rest assured that is just a trait inherent to the
age old process of smoking meat.  When smoking meat, the process actually
takes several hours at a constant temperature to attain the incredible taste
and desired tenderness. Different woods are used depending upon meat to
enhance the flavor of the meat.
Reed's Ribs and More
BBQ, deli, special  events and catering

e-mail: reedsribs@yahoo.com