Girl's rule
Hannah, Mia, Natalie, Tracy, Mira,
back row
Olivia with her arm around Aubrey
front row pose for a picture before
they leave
Look Aubrey
Mia shows Aubrey where the chalk is
while Andrea and Rob watch
Mia's party  09-02-06
Reed's Ribs and More Special Event
Mia's Dad Will . . .
talks with his Uncle Mark (legs) and
BongHee and Mason before joining
in the festivities
Mia's Dad Will . . .
did a little chalk art of his own
copying the Reed's Ribs and More
logo on the sidewalk.
Aubrey, Andrea, Will and Rob
Natalie's Dad, Lonnie and Mira's
Mom, Sheila having a little lunch
Olivia, Tracy and Mason
posing for a picture
Natalie and Hannah display
their artistic skills with chalk
Aubrey cheesin' for the camera
Lonnie watching the girls
creating their artwork
What happened over there?
Hannah and Mira look on
Everyone enjoying what Mia's Pa
Pa is known for . . .great food!
Thanks from the Reed family to all for coming!